Reimbursement of Medicare Part B and IRMAA- Part K

The 2016-17 executive budget proposal freezes the reimbursement of Medicare Part B to $104.90 for those enrolled in the New York State Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP). It also eliminates the reimbursement of the Medicare Part B Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA), which is paid by high-income retirees. This change would affect state retirees for whom Medicare is their primary insurance as well as retirees with Medicare from school districts and municipalities who are enrolled in the NYSHIP Empire Plan for health insurance. Retirees who are not enrolled in NYSHIP are not affected.

The executive budget proposal, if enacted, would no longer require employers whose retirees are enrolled in NYSHIP plans to reimburse more than $104.90 for the cost of Part B for those with Medicare as their primary insurance coverage. NYSUT believes this will result in additional out-of-pocket costs for retirees and a diminishment of their established health care benefits. 

Send your legislators a fax using the MAC. Use the toll free phone number for the New York State AFL-CIO Capitol Switchboard Hotline, 877-255-9417, to speak with your state senator or Assembly representative to urge them to reject this proposal and request they vote to maintain the current Medicare reimbursement language.


After arguments in court, the debate continues on Friedrichs

NYSUT continues to work closely with local unions to educate members about what the Friedrichs case could mean for unions. See the extensive coverage in the February NYSUT United, coming next week. Meanwhile, watch and share this creative video effort from Smithtown TA.


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